• NO REFUNDS – All items are sold with copy/no trans permissions and cannot be returned.

• NO CUSTOM FITTING: unfortunately I don’t have time to custom work

• Double pruchases: You can receive store credit only for in-world purchases and if you report it within the first 48 hours of purchase (include all transaction details in a notecard, including your name).

 •ALL items are NO transfer and NO modify! They are copyable only. You can adjust wearable Prims with an easy resizer Menu by clicking the Prim while wearing. Please make sure not to rez the Prims. They are ment only to wear!

• Found copybotted stuff? Please contact me, i’ll show my gratitude.

•Failed Delivery inwolrd & marketplace or any other issue, please use our REDELIVER TERMINAL in the Tiffany Mainstore first.

•If Redelivey Machine doesn’t work, please contact customer support via notecard only. (IM’s are capped).



»Buy a giftcard
»Unpack on an area where you can rezz (your home or a sandbox)
»Wear the giftcard (will appear a HUD on your screen)
»Touch the vendor you want to purchase (will appear on card)
»Click on “BUY” button that now is on your GIFTCARD
»A message will appear asking permission (if needed) to take difference from your lindens (if your giftcard don’t cover all price)
GIFTCARDS are TRANSFER so you can Purchase for Friends



You can buy gifts from our Marketplace Store
Also directly from vendor. Just right click on the Vendor and choose “Gift”. Follow the Instruction the Vendor tells you. The vendor will send the Gift to your friends directly!



Go at Tiffany mainstore. Redelivery Terminal is located at main entrance.
If Redelivy still fails, please drop a notecard to Lisana Rossen, including your transaction history, item name and your name.



Client group for Tiffany Designs.
» 50% DISCOUNT back of all Tiffany brand purchases(mainstore)
» Monthly Group Gifts, VIP Lucky Chairs, Special Promos

Group Join Fee is $L800 to avoid spammers. (no refunds)

Group fee is not for Freebies! and will not be refunded! Group is for customers who want to see
notices about new colections for their special events or daily wearing!
Non-Customers & system abusers will be removed.

To join the group click on our joiner from mainstore.



At this moment we are not looking for new bloggers. We will announce in store group and our social media when we will decide to open the applications, in order to expand our blogger team. Thank you for your interest for our store!
For more details, please contact BLOGGER MANAGER: Lolita Paragorn


Thank you so much for shopping at TIFFANY DESIGNS!


If you have any questions, please contact Lisana Rossen

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